by Omnia Vincam

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Third release of the "Abandonment" trilogy. The tracks were written and recorded by VIY, mastered by Jacob Ware.


released June 6, 2015




all rights reserved


Omnia Vincam Vancouver, British Columbia

Omnia Vincam is a one-man project based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Track Name: Vox Humana (Vanity)
Vox Humana.

I'm proud of you.
As fearless in your death as you were alive.
The blue pill for the masses,
For the bitterness inside.

When the thoughtfulness concludes
That there's nothing left to lose,
Emotions, feelings?
That's not something I can use.

Die for a shilling, for the crown,
By mistake, by your lover's hand.
...For God's sakes,
But did you find peace, you were looking for?

I can't tell you how to live,
I can tell you how to end it.
Mind paralyzed by fear,
But your instincts will defend you.
...Should your intellect not prevail.

O Vanity!
Dirt, you're no pinnacle of creation.
O Vanity!
Just dwell in your own reflection.

Father, O Father-
I'm deep in the ground,
But the shit of this world keeps spinning
Like merry-go-round,
Here we go again!

I found seclusion's equivalent death,
Forever mine, that's all I have.
While you're twisting and turning,
The passion is burning.
I cross my arms on my chest.

You'll find me cryptic, but that is alright.
The empty smiles, the words I write
Are perfect reflection of what's inside.

In a thousand years what will remain?
Not your desperate ego, claims to fame.
Shape the world in your image?
You're no God.
But I am.

Don't call me your brother,
Don't call me your man.
I'm the same worthless flesh, but in my domain,
I'm the Sovereign.
Estranged to the world -therefore I am.
Track Name: It Blooms at Night (Part I)
The wind bears witness;
Under these skies you will need no epitaph,
Just another paragraph to recite
While I'm scattering ashes.

It rings in ears, it scorched your eyes,
It hurts to admit that I was right.
Your only ally, your only foe
While the others are gone, I remain ever more.

Pain, hatred -the usual signs.
Ambigous concepts I cannot abide;
If love is the law, where is your will
To crush the doubts under the heel.

It blooms at night, hidden from prying, detestable eyes.
I will speak with embrace;
Withered by dawn-
Bloodless, empty, forlorn.

It blooms at night,
An anguished cry, followed by footsteps.
The trampled hope, bent out of shape.
Whom to serve, whom to evade:

And drop by drop, you will quench your desires.
The embers still glow, but where is the fire?
It slips from your mind, it slips through your fingers.
I am your thirst,
The sin that lingers.

I was by your side day by day,
Through countless conquests, faceless and grey.
The hours wasted in pointless games,
A month or a week, still remember the names
Of those who meant something or nothing at all?
You're a king of nothing.
The higher you reach,
The farther you fall.
Track Name: It Withers at Dawn (Part II)
Don't share my predicament, walk in my steps.
Don't carry my burden, I could not care less.
While you stumble behind, while you reach out your hand,
I will always abandon, I will always betray.

And don't claim understanding of which never was yours.
Your compassion rejected, empathy makes it worse.
I know, it will destroy you, it is my tour de force.
I will always remember how I always depraved you,
My love.

And the day will arrive, you will shine in your grace.
You could not see it coming, since you can't dwell on past.
I will carry the burden, I will stand here last.
I have pledged my allegiance, I have carried your flags.

And in your final moments, savour them to a grain.
This is no mercy killing, I won't spare you the pain.
I don't need your forgiveness, either way -it's the same.
I will always betray you, I will always betray you,
My love.

You must understand, all we did was pretend.
Everything ends before it begins,
You're reading the summary of your sins.
This is enough
This is enough!
Is this enough for you?
It never is.

And it withers with dawn
As for my heart? My heart is stone.
I lived in the moment, the moment is gone
Every time you looked away.

Venom's coursing through the veins,
Deliverance's calling, I'll take my pain
Into deepest hollow, in sacrilege's name.
I'll drag you down with me.

And it's gaping at your feet,
Abyss to you, salvation to me.
A pound of flesh, or advice for free-
It's too late to change your fate.

A deer in the headlights, a moth to a flame.
Your body is trivial, your soul has been claimed.
It withers with sunrise.
The hope that you'll never attain.
Just hope your life wasn't in vain.
Track Name: The House of Dead Leaves
Brick and mortar,
Entombed -I seek no release.
For, shall a man speak against God?
Shall a man defy his fate?

Doomed to failure, I can only reminisce.
The scent of you; while the memory will fade.
As your heart faded one beat at the time.

We both knew, what I am and who you were.
Chose to ignore.
There was no use to beg and implore.

A victim you're born, a victim you became.
The crimson and gold, this tale is too old,
In the end neither remains.

Should I beg and repent?
Strike the walls with bare hands?
Pray forgiveness for playing God?

A victim you're born, a victim you became.
The crimson and gold, and I am too old
To enjoy this, to savour the pain.

They're afraid of you -they're afraid of themselves.
There's nothing rewarding in aimlessness.

Should I offer a doubt? A point of view?
Should I crush your self-worth when the time is due?

It's a quiet night, in the house of dead leaves.
But the emptiness' growing, gaping hole in your grief.
You will never embrace it -despair's little trick.
You will not understand it, but please don't condemn me.
You've always been too weak.
Track Name: The Invisible Scar
Through resentment of your broken self,
I stomp the memory, I choose to hate.
Reject uncertainty and indecision,
Pathetic kindness, which blurred my vision.
I scrape the whitewash misery
off glowing coldness of the steel.
And once again I do not feel.
And once again I'm calm as ocean,
Where was your faith, crushed by the waves
Where was your heart when mine was torn by raging sea?

There's more to you, there's more to us
Than mindless tasks and predestined errands.
I regress to my angst, cover anger with comatose blandness.
My heartbreak, symbolic, often mistaken for a mask,
The Invisible Scar
The Invisible Scar

The radiance of despair glows around you
These unquenchable emotions, whispering:
-"Forfeit the liaison";
Kneel, the moisture in your eyes
Will not revoke what's imminent,
Decided not by us.
You are nothing but illicit.
And I am nothing...
Step into the light
And under the will of circumstance,
No obligation shall beseech me,
No prayer heard .
Designed for disposability
I lower the gaze in front of you.
Track Name: The Awakening
The awakening

The past is a lie,
the memory has no return;
and every spring gone by will never be recovered.
The wildest and most tenacious love is an ephemeral truth in the end.

Where was your courage,
Where was your resolve?
As I knelt in front of you,
As above, so below.

The essence vanishes,
The words survive.
Untarnished, immaculate,
But how could I?

Face the obvious,
To bury the lie,
incinerate memories,
To let yourself die.

One of the two,
the heart or soul defiled
To bleed the decease
To cleanse with fire

The cut was deep enough,
Of that I am sure.
You've always dreamt of this,
Yet now you endure.
Let it go.
Track Name: This Corrosion (Runs Too Deep)
The turn of the wheel,
I've seen it before.
The scenery changes,
But I still ask for more.

The poisonous touch,
Charming as a snake.
I devour devotion,
Feed on aimless regrets.

You might see a connection,
It is all in your head.
The new skin fits me well,
But I never forget.

In the grand scheme of things,
It's the truth I neglect.
What's this essence you mentioned?
What's this love you expect?

Have I not made it clear,
Whose side will I take?
When the cards are revealed,
When the candles are spent.

Have I never shown you?
This one does not feel.
Once abandoned, forever more
Struggle to see clear.

This Corrosion, it runs too deep.
It's thicker than blood.
In the shadow of the wind.

This corruption,
Every fiber, every cell.
Your twilight is my dawn,
Your ruin, your own hell.
Track Name: Guiding Light
Uniqueness blends itself like gold;
It's getting hard to pretend.
One of the pieces never meant to fit,
It's not for you to understand.

And you will dwell on the irrelevant,
And you will judge from ignorance.
All I can offer is indifference,
Don't need your reverence,
Or your contempt.

As for me? I'm the ghost, the echo inside.
I'm the doubt of reason,
The dust in your eyes,

I'm the salt of the earth,
But the flavour is lost
Outcast or messiah,
I won't carry your cross.

You are numb, not forsaken
In the city of Dis,
Tormented , convicted
Longing for release.

It means nothing to me,
As there's no end in sight
Of your righteous crusades
Of your self loathing plights

Is it too late?
Your own reflection in my eyes.
Calamity or test of faith,
Under the scorching, godless
Guiding Light.
Track Name: LES
The redundancy of everything I said or shall say is overwhelming.

Words serve those who do not understand yet, or might not understand at all.

Cycle upon cycle, day after day.
The living keep on living, the dead are blessed with the silence that was always there, in every one of us. And will remain long after we're gone.

The answer...

The higher wisdom concealed in the fact, that there never was a one.
Simple organisms, designed to pollute, breed and perish.
Like phantom limbs, the vanity of our own existence persists.
Feeding into the delusions of grandeur and false sense of self worth.

For what it's worth- we linger on.