Prima Materia

by Omnia Vincam

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This release is about my personal and musical evolution. More sound and genre experimentation, Occultism and mythology and completely unrestricted creativity. Open your mind and enjoy the music!


released June 24, 2015




all rights reserved


Omnia Vincam Vancouver, British Columbia

Omnia Vincam is a one-man project based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Track Name: The Yearning
The lyrics here are minimal, since I tried to keep this one mostly instrumental:

"And no one but you can cross the Abyss.
Your world is on fire, mine is deceased.
Plant your feet in the ground, as it's slipping underneath.
And your mind turns to quicksand -drown your fear
Drown you grief."

And the final chant is:

"When nothing is gained and nothing is lost.
You choose the one you trust,
The one you need the most"
Track Name: Unanimousity (The Light In These Eyes)
Impossiblity breaches;
I see no light in these eyes.
The gaping emptiness, like vultures,
Descents to take its part.

Unanimously, without a single word -
the silence has spoken.
...Continuum of failure.
Turn it off and walk away.
It's just a reflex,
Purging motion.
Yet, you'll try again.

And anyway,

My condolences, to throw it out there.
How do the faceless fake despair?
How can you be so sure?

Hesitant, outside of your door.
Unconditional, as this surrender
Of all the fallacies, do you remember?
But I don't care anymore.
Track Name: I Am The Silence
I am the substance and the one who has no substance.
Those who are without association with me are ignorant of me,
and those who are in my substance are the ones who know me.
Those who are close to me have been ignorant of me,
and those who are far away from me are the ones who have known me.
On the day when I am close to you, you are far away from me,
and on the day when I am far away from you, I am close to you.

I, I am godless,
and I am the one whose God is great.
I am the one whom you have reflected upon,
and you have scorned me.
I am unlearned,
and they learn from me.
I am the one that you have despised,
and you reflect upon me.
I am the one whom you have hidden from,
and you appear to me.
But whenever you hide yourselves,
I myself will appear.
For whenever you appear,
I myself will hide from you.

I am one and I am legion.
I am the thunder and I am the silence.
Track Name: The Observer
Clearly, there is something I've missed.
Disconnected from my own senses, non-existence within all that is, gives me the only sense I need -clarity.

You call it a "direction", I call it an "escape route".
And it was your flight, chasing the departing train down the platform. Hoping, in one leap of faith, to accoplish everything we never were in this lifetime.

-"But we made it"

Did we?

Your escape, your platform, your pavement underneath my feet. This is your reality.
Was there ever a time to ask yourself whether this is the one you wanted?

You stare at me, shocked and unraveled. Words choking in your throat.

I'm an observer.
I am the motionless in everything that is a motion.

And I am still falling.
Track Name: Primal
I'll have another one,
Cause nothing seems to fade,
Nothing seems to drown the marching acolytes of sorrow.

Always on the run, I'm always fine until I turn the lights...
...and gaze upon the hollow.
Deliverance denied, and years ago you told how you feel inside.
I didn't care, I have my own reflection,
My own infection.
We're imperfect, we are flawed.
You're the victim, I am God.

I was sure...not anymore.
The tables turn when I'm alone you're here with me.
The sacrilege that should not be.
I vomit tar and lies
Dig another grave to hide.
Ever hopeless... that faith of mine.

And here it is again, the doubt and the rain,
You check my vitals, it's just another poison, just another day.
-"You're not yourself",
I'm not this body, not this pain - you hear me?!

A billion drops upon the rooftops and not one will hear your name.
Dissolve, fade away and nothing I say ever meant to stop you.
Was that a tear or just rain.
It doesn't matter, anyway.
It doesn't matter, anyway.
It doesn't matter, anyway.
Track Name: Home?

Brave, you say.
The bravest thing I've ever done,
The selfless act of sacrifice.
But you're not the only one
Not the first, not the last.

It seems,

the pattern's always clear.
Deny control, I don't exist
You have no fear.
Or was it the other way all

Along (Long)

Were the days, repetitive emotion
As a grind, "it's just a phase", you say
It's true.
It takes just one of us to break this cycle.

It takes one step to begin the descent.
The hanged man is smiling, the hermit is dead.
One step at the time, but it won't be too long.
The waters are rising, the ocean is calling you home.

We're going home.
We're going home.