Malum In Se

by Omnia Vincam

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"Malum In Se" (Evil in itself) is Omnia's return to the heavier roots, specifically -this is my take on the sub-genres of doom metal.


released September 2, 2015




all rights reserved


Omnia Vincam Vancouver, British Columbia

Omnia Vincam is a one-man project based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Track Name: Maestus
The sullen, the gray.
Those hands will reach beyond, beyond the fray.
Unbroken, though shattered many times.
Where is that spirit?
Where is the soul, that's still alive?

Tell me naught when nothing's right.
It's just another senseless lie.
It comes and goes, my eyes are dry.
It comes and goes, but what am I?

Amidst your spring, I am decay.
I am the rot, I don't know pain.
I am the wish of better days,
Regret that eats when it is too late.

The blind fool that leads the way,
Rejoice, you're everything you hate.
I am the step into abyss,
Nothing will change, nothing will cease.

Inside this flesh I cannot breathe,
It matters not what you believe.
Once spilled -it stains,
No turning back.
This blood is cold, this blood is black.
Track Name: In Fide Usque Ad Finem
Under these cracks I see you
In your convictions, in your stubbornness, in your faith.
Torn between the contradictions,
Of fragile sanity, that still remains.

You slip away, you fade to grey
You die each night to rise again.
Like Phoenix from the ashes;
But I don't even want you to stay.

The frailty of monolith,
The vision set in stone;
I'd like to take your word for it,
After everything you've done.

The beauty of this paradox-
You reach one hand, you hide the claws.
Is it your heart that bleeds,
The one that I ripped apart.
Track Name: Oblitus Miseria
Et rursus aestus terga vertentes .
Rituali revelat occulta in te .
Vos estis ex nihilo, et nihil tibi debeo.
Simplex verum -
Durissima intelligere.

Et paulatim te Recurrat astri circulum
Inlusio salutis, anchora enim cordis

Simplex verum -
Durissima intelligere.
Inlusio salutis, anchora enim cordis.


And yet again, the tides are turning.
The ritual reveals the hidden in you.
From nothing you are, and nothing I owe you.
The simplest of truths, the hardest to grasp.

And step after step, you trace the circle.
The illusion of safety, the anchor for the heart.

The simplest of truths, the hardest to grasp.
The illusion of safety, the anchor for the heart.
Track Name: Senatio Potestatem
Forte involvam, quia potens sum.
Inter ruinas dum vulnera tua lingam .
Noli adorare me, nam vacuum intra te ipsum .
Noli me despiciunt, nam ferunt responsa non invenies.
Non invenies.

Non ex me, non ex ab alio.
Resurrectione veniet.

Qui expectat-evanescunt in vanum.
Qui renuntiat habet nihil omnino.
Qui est silentium, Voluntas enim valet eius .


I destroy, because I can.
Amidst the ruins, while you lick your wounds.
Do not worship me, for the emptiness inside.
Don't look down on me, for the answers you won't find

Not from me, not from anyone else.
Resurrection will come.

The one who waits will perish in vain.
The one who renounces has nothing at all.
The one who is Silence, his will shall prevail.
Track Name: Solus
It happens when you shed the light
On what is meant to be unseen.
Your thoughts, like scavengers they glide, your words are branding iron on my skin.

What if I choose to break the stare,
Will I be brave enough to lift it off the floor?
And you...
Will you remain the same, or fade into the fray forever more?

Your life, a trivial, recollected scenes:
Unfinished cigarette, a shadow cast upon a wall.
Another night spent under crushing waves of guilt,
Another day to swim back to the shore.

And if you ask yourself again
the questions I have heard before.
There is no answer, there has never been,
An easy way to save yourself... alone.
Track Name: Pietate Mea
Pietate Mea. (My Godliness, my piety.)

Omnia quae ingratae perierunt credita menti.
Quare cur tu te iam amplius excrucies?
Quin tu animo offirmas atque istinc teque reducis
Et dis inuitis desinis esse miser?
Difficile est longum subito deponere amorem;
Difficile est, verum hoc qua lubet efficias.
una salus haec est, hoc est tibi peruincendum;
Hoc facias, siue id non pote siue pote.
O di, si uestrum est misereri, aut si quibus unquam
Extremam iam ipsa in morte tulistis opem,
Me miserum aspicite et, si vitam puriter egi,
Eripite hanc pestem perniciemque mihi!
Quae mihi subrepens imos ut torpor in artus
Expulit ex omni pectore laetitias.
Non iam illud quaero, contra me ut diligat illa,
Aut, quod non potis est, esse pudica uelit:
Ipse ualere opto et taetrum hunc deponere morbum.
O di, reddite mi hoc pro pietate mea.

All of which things have died entrusted to this ungrateful mind.
So why do you keep torturing yourself further?
Why not be firm in the mind and lead yourself out from there,
and stop being miserable with the gods unwilling?
It is difficult to suddenly put away a long love
It is difficult, but you must effect this in some way or other:
it is the one salvation, this must be conquered by you
You must do this, whether it is impossible or possible.
Oh gods, if it is yours to feel pity, or if ever
you have saved someone in the nick of time in death itself
Look upon pathetic me! And, if I have lived life purely,
take away this pestilence and ruin from me,
which creeping down to my inner most self like a paralysis
takes away happiness from my whole heart.
Now I do not seek, that she loves me in return
or, that she chooses to be chaste
I wish myself to be well, and to put down this foul disease
Oh Gods! return this to me in return for my piety.
Track Name: Sagacitas Mentis
Sagacitas Mentis (Keenness of Mind)

This stare, it reaches farther than you ever meant to go.
Beware, these claws will reap you apart, but thorns?
Are just for show.

This stasis, you can balance yourself, but you'll never let go of the fear.
You radiate strength in a fortress of glass,
But it's all just thin veneer.

I never said I have any faith in myself... or you.
Underneath it all -you cannot fix the damaged,
They exist for a point of view.

Whatever it takes? You have nothing to give I have not disregarded before.
Every single day you will battle chimeras
Just. To make. Sure.
I'll say it again -your persistence is futile, to your very final breath.
But why give up? Nothing will be accomplished, even in your death.

And down the spiral you descent, getting closer step-by-step.
The pattern's the same -you do not need my guidance,
You are the map.
I will stay in the shadows, lurk the depths just to see how it ends.
If you ask for advice -nothing's relevant, but you'll still pretend.
Track Name: Revenants

Come revenants,
Plagued by empathy,
Selfish agony,
I was never concerned.

Seems impossible, the remedy.
One chance of redemption,
Many others to fail.

For each one of us,
Shares the emptiness,
Shares the solitude.
Same look in our eyes.

This hopelessness,
Irrelevant tempest
Behind fake smiles.

Never show yourself,
Self-composed and veiled.
Had one cross to bear,
And now you take mine?

I know how it feels,
One destroys and one heals.
It's getting late,
You call it fate,
I'll call it defeat.

Who cares what they say,
As they take you away?
This "swan song",
It won't be long.
Who are you to grieve?

In the end, we just want to believe.